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Why a business coach?
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About Paul Furlong
Why a business coach?

The commitment I make with you when I coach you in business success, is to provide you with all the tools you will need to attain greater business growth, more profitable business success & operation. I provide you with one on one business coaching & unlimited contact for business advice, critique & direction in business to ensure that each step you take will result in more profitable business for YOU! - This is priceless to any business owner!

Remember YOUR Success in business, is my business!
I am committed to see you create & enjoy high business success!
I show you how, what, when & where to promote your
business to create for YOU far greater business success!

Better Business Advice has not -
allowed itself to get so big it looses the personal touch, but rather you will
be coached by the owner himself. Paul Furlong ! Paul, at Better Business Advice
limits the amount of new businesses he chooses to provide business coaching to, so as to 
allow more personal time for YOU to receive the attention & input YOU NEED to develop
& grow YOUR business
!  After all, if you pay good money for your business coach & for
smart business advice . . . . .
you should be able to get that help when you want it & as much as you need!

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Guaranteed business coaching 

         or Call me directly now for  FREE  1800 038264

Allow me to enable YOU to become wealthy in business!

Isn’t it time you created a successful, enjoyable life style & income through your business?

My Clients  - Click here to see what types of businesses I work with & see their comments, results & "their Say"on how they have experienced great business coaching services!

 "Many people know what they want from their business.
Few know how to get it!"
You may love your job & have a dream, but "let's be honest" if you continue the way you are, will you achieve it? 

Most businesses market themselves with the "shot gun" approach! -  Aim in front & fire. A "hit & miss" or hope for the best type of approach. That means you attract some custom & sales, but at the same time nothing is guaranteed & a lot misses.  Most business owners I talk to complain about the "expense verses the results" of advertising & marketing. The EXPENSE IS HUGE, the RESULTS ARE SMALL. This is like pouring water consistently down the drain! Yet that's not the way it needs to be.You wouldn't employ someone to sell for you or work for you & continue to pay his/her wage if he did nothing or very little. Then why do we keep advertising with little or no response? - Usually because it's the easiest thing to do. The advertising company calls & you say yes because everyone else is advertising &, after all, you have to do something! - Allow me to turn this whole story around for YOU. You should get very, very pleasing results from you marketing campaigns consistently that increases your sales & attracts new customers. If your not currently achieving this then you probably aren't growing (at least at the rate & consistency you should be) & you are probably over worked, stressed out & under paid!

Don't hit & miss as most business owners do these days, wasting time, money, effort & end up stressed, over worked & under paid!


The right knowledge is priceless!  . . . .
However knowledge without direction & action is useless!

Marketing Your business to create greater business success & business growth is not always easy
. . . . .When you have professional business coaching that specializes in "business marketing" & business growth, you will save yourself much stress, time & money!

isn't it time you really learned how to get greater response & results from your business marketing & move you business forward to greater business success!

"To bake a great cake you need the best recipe. You
need to follow the procedures, adding all the ingredients
correctly - then you end up with a good cake!
Try to make  a great cake by hoping or trying or experimenting
& you may not end up with a cake at all.
It’s the same when you begin your journey with a
Better Business Advice Coach & Consultant. We provide You with
the best recipe, advice & a personal business coach to ensure you succeed!"